We have Sunday School classes for every age group. The Adult Class is led by Ron Martin. Ron has taught the Adult Class for over 24 years and also serves as a Deacon for our church. The Young Adult Class is taught by Mark Estes. Mark served as a pastor before coming to Lyndon and ocasionally is asked to preach at Lyndon. Eric and Emily Farley teach our Teen Class. Eric is the Associate Pastor at Lyndon and he and Emily also lead our Youth Group. Janie Murphy teaches the Early Elementary Class. Janie sends CD's to those that are unable to attend services. Nena and Holly Griffin are our Nursery Teachers. They both sing as part of the Lyndon Trio that ministers in song to Lyndon and area churches. Our Sunday School Superintendent is Don Murphy. Don works with the Pastor to make sure training is maintained and that the needs of the teachers and students are met.  

Our Sunday School uses half of the offering collected in the Sunday School hour to pay for the literature that is used and the other half is used to buy bicycles for missionaries in Africa.